Analysing the Feasibility of Employing Cloud Computing Technology in Construction Industry & Providing A Guideline for Successful Implementation Within the Context of Birmingham, UK

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It is no secret that the construction sector is considered one of the most important sectors around the world and a fundamental driver of countries' economies. Unfortunately, the sector is suffering globally in general and in the United Kingdom in particular as a result of several factors. One of the most important of these factors is the very significant delay compared to other sectors in adopting and using various advanced technologies and innovations, which many practitioners and experts see as the most important solutions to address many of the current negatives and advance the sector to high and unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance. Cloud computing technology is considered one of those important and indispensable technologies towards the transition to the digital world, as it is considered a major enabler for most modern building technologies. The study intends to prove or disprove the feasibility and importance of cloud computing for the construction industry in the United Kingdom, especially in the city of Birmingham, considering understanding and the analysis of all promoters and obstacles to achieving this, whether internal or from the surrounding external environment. Accordingly, a firm methodology can be proposed through which companies can overcome all difficulties throughout the journey of adopting and utilising cloud computing successfully.
Cloud computing, Built Environment, Tech-savvy, Lifecycle, PESTLE Analysis, VRIO Analysis., BIM, KPI’s, Project Scope, Project Initiation