The Impact of monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards on Job Satisfaction. ” A case study of Saudi bank in Qassim”

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Maymonah Saleh Allahem
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Saudi Digital Library
This study is conducted for the purpose of examining the impact of incentives on Job satisfaction of Saudi banks in Qassim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many factors are responsible for change in employee's performance such as environment, performance appraisal systems, training and opportunity of development, and rewards, is the most important aspect. The primary data has been gathered through a questionnaire distributed to 120 employees in banks using the Internet. The statistical analysis and tests of data has been done through SPSS, involving descriptive analysis, correlation analysis factor analysis, reliability and multiple regression analysis. According to the results of the analysis, a significant relation is observed between the financial and non-financial incentives and the job satisfaction of employees. When these relations are compared, the result is that the attitudes towards financial incentives have a stronger effect on job satisfaction than the attitudes towards non-financial incentives.