Evaluating Storm water drainage Options for the urban area of Buraydah city

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Most of the regions in arid environment are facing problem of storm water drainage due to climate change and rapid urbanization. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries in arid environment. Qassim is a very important province. Most of its cities are facing the problem of storm water drainage. This thesis is an investigation of the storm water drainage options for drainage of storm water from Buraydah. The topography put Buraydah city in the critical situation because there is no natural storm drainage point for Buraydah city, as the mountains are forming a natural obstacle preventing the storm water to get it disposed-off to Wadi Al-Rumah. The ponding system with drainage pipe network is selected as solution for storm water drainage in Buraydah. This solution has some disadvantages like, the high cost of land expropriation, the high flooding risk of successive storm events and the high environmental risk. The thesis has considered all these factors in investigating the storm water management.