Feasibility of employing Human Framework Models in improving Quality of Care for People who have Breast Implants

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The first section explains the area of research and presents the data which is relevant to the reader for him to comprehend the topic. Then, the chapter concludes with the research question, the aim of assessing the feasibility of human framework models in improving the breast implant patient’s safety, and objectives. Next, we present the essential background information about Breast implants, MHRA, and cases from literature evaluating patient safety. Then the method is the next chapter with multiple sub-sections, with the human framework models which were compared (Donabedian, Reason, and SEIPS), after that it was decided to analyses the chosen framework that is SEIPS, and then applying the model to the literature found which consists of information provided by patients and different organizations. The following section presents the results, then discusses the relevant points to that of the literature to deduce the implications of the application of human framework models and the possible changes. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the findings which state that this approach presents a promising novel approach of human frameworks improving patient safety with a possibility of reducing many of the medical errors which effect the breast implant patients and then presenting possible actions to be carried out in the future work.