Improving Security in Web Browsing through WebCompass

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Fairfield University
The world of online security is full of challenges. The greater the reliance on the Internet, the higher the risk. Every day, users fall prey to phishing attacks, caused by weak defense software, etc. Among these threats, one of the most successful ones is based on spam and phishing emails that lure users to click on links (i.e. URLs) that can capture or expose sensitive information. At the same time, the proliferation of Websites containing vulnerabilities is an open invitation for these cyber-attacks. This underscores the urgent need to address the complexity of phishing techniques and fortify Websites against potential threats to mitigate the risks users face in the digital landscape. This study aims to develop a Chrome extension that focuses on improving the security of users while browsing the Web. We have developed and studied the effectiveness of WebCompass, which is an extension for the Chrome browser that attempts to address the challenge of security on the Internet by, of the Web site currently browsed by the user analyzing in real time both the technology used on the page and the reputation of the page. This combination of indicators is a new and unique approach for detecting and mitigating cybersecurity risks.
Web Security, Cybersecurity, Phishing Attacks, Chrome Extensions, Vulnerability Analysis, Cyber Threat Detection