Managing The Infrastructure Projects Effectively In Saudi Cities During The Design, Implementation And Delivery

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This research study concerned the Managing The Infrastructure Projects Effectively In Saudi Cities During The Design, Implementation And Delivery. The author aimed in this thesis to examine the difficulties that engineers face in infrastructure Saudi cities projects. This study was focused on collecting and exchanging data for underground services to develop proposals that might improve the design and delivery of infrastructure projects. There are certain approaches that are used or could be used by organizations to improve the effectiveness of management for Saudi Arabian infrastructure projects, many of which were highlighted in this research study. The literature review regarding management for infrastructure projects revealed various criteria and procedures which are used for project management. Theoretical approaches sometimes need some modification when being applied over borders because of different economic, social or cultural factors. In this research, the author began by clarifying the challenges facing engineers responsible for infrastructure projects and then assessed the specific challenges that these engineers face, with reference to a specific case study. Additionally, the author worked towards a definition of current best practices in collecting and sharing underground services data to know the best options to improve the system for designing and implementing infrastructure projects in Saudi city environments. The research methodology was developed to find solutions for gaps left by the literature review. Twenty preliminary interviews were conducted and the findings were used to develop the questionnaire for the main interviews of Saudi supervising engineers, which were held in their various offices in Saudi Arabia. The author was successful in receiving 11 completed responses. The research methodology was quite effective but there were definitely some limitations, which are highlighted in this thesis. The author has suggested several solutions to the challenges that confront engineers tasked with delivering infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, based on the findings of this research, may help in developing suggestions that would improve the design, implementation and delivery system for such projects. The author has also provided an opportunity for future researchers to use this research for evaluation and modification as per requirement of a particular sector or organization.