Analysis of Pressure Vessels with Varying Thickness and Different Materials

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Wilkes University
Pressure vessels are present everywhere in various industries, serving as containers for storing and transporting fluids and gas under pressure. The optimization of such vessels is crucial to ensure structural integrity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This master's thesis explores the relationship between Von Mises stress, FOS and thickness of pressure vessels subjected to a uniform applied internal pressure. Our basic focus was to conduct a numerical analysis to determine the stresses for various thickness to deduce optimum thickness based on factor of Safety (FOS). Moreover, the same study has been conducted by changing the material from Aluminum to Titanium. element technique was employed to simulate the behavior of pressure vessels under the applied internal pressure and evaluate the displacement, Von Mises stress and FOS at different thicknesses. Increasing the vessel thickness, A plot among stress, thickness, and displacement was generated to determine a minimum thickness for maximum Von Mises stress could exists in elastic region. A 0.0165-inch model pressure vessel result was also simulated to check the difference in Von Mises Stress.
Pressure vessel, Variable thickness, Finite element analysis, Solidworks