Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction in Hospitality sector (Hotels).

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Cessr ritz college Brig.
A company's leadership style is one of its most important success determinants. This study sought to determine how job satisfaction was affected by a transformational leadership style. Transformational leadership is typified by the collaborations that leaders and followers make as well as the results that they achieve together to meet organizational goals. To find out how transformational leadership affects job satisfaction, a methodical literature review approach was used. Fourteen research publications that met the study's inclusive requirements were chosen using a strict article selection process involving a variety of journal databases. According to the study's findings, transformational leadership mostly entails four behaviors: intellectual stimulation, individual consideration, inspiring drive, and idealized influence. The findings of this study will encourage decision-makers in the hospitality sector and hotel managers to expand the application of transformational leadership by investigating theoretical frameworks that clarify the relationship and development of the process between the transformational leadership styles employed by hotel owners and executives.
Job satisfaction, Leadership, Transformational leadership in the hospitality industry