Surveillance for peste des petits ruminants and rinderpest antibodies in the sera of sheep and goats in the eastern province of the kingdom of saudi arabia

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This study is the first to probe into the epidemiology of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) and rinderpest (RP) virus diseases in sheep and goats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as reflected by seroconversion. The study was confined to the Eastern region of the country. A total of 1035 serum samples were examined (750 sheep and 285 goats). In order to have a closer insights into the activity of these viruses, serum samples were only collected from sheep and goats which were over one year of age and had not been vaccinated against either diseases; and that they had been kept in the same locality for more than one year. The samples were identified by species, age, sex, date, breed and contact with cattle. The standard microserum neutralization test (SNT) was employed to detect antibodies against each virus. The prevalence of PPR virus antibodies was 3.1% in sheep and 0.6% in goats; While the prevalence of RPV antibodies was 3.6% in sheep and 5.7% in goats. The overall prevalence of PPRV antibodies in both species was 2.3% and 4.2% for RP antibodies. The results were discussed in relation to similar international and regional studies, and recommendations for control and future eradication of the disease from the Kingdom were made.