Systematic examination techniques for planning and scheduling among Saudi Arabian construction firms

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This thesis, using a sample survey, will examine the implementation and utilization of the Systematic Examination Techniques (SET) as an effective tool for planning and scheduling in the Saudi Arabian construction industry. Most construction managers, construction firms and project owners share the same objective of reducing project cost and avoiding delays and litigation or claims. Achieving this target helps every construction manager, project owner and/or any other concerned person in developing the process for getting new jobs and continuing to exist. Effective planning and scheduling leads to improved quality of construction projects by incentives, reduction of costs and completion of projects within their assigned budget and time constraints. This is one of the main objectives and policies of the Government of Saudi Arabia. SET are applied as effective planning and controlling assessment tools in construction settings for helping to define and limit the problems of increased construction project costs. To meet the above mentioned targets, the concepts and princ iples associated with each technique must be defined and studied carefully. The SET includes CPM, PND, PERT, GERT and GBC.