Knowledge of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization among Physicians and Dentists

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Objectives: To assess the knowledge of physicians and dentists on Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) and its association with antibiotic exposure during early childhood. Methods: A cross-sectional survey design was utilized. The study was electronically advertised through professional organizations with a hyperlink provided to the questionnaire. Chi-square test was used to compare differences in levels of knowledge between the study groups. Results: There were 335 participants in the study; general physicians (n=79), pediatricians (n=98) and dentists (n=158). A significantly lower proportion of general physicians (19%) and pediatricians (18%) had knowledge of molar incisor hypomineralization compared to dentists (82%, P<0.001). There was no statistically significant difference between the groups regarding the association between antibiotics prescribed during the first years of life and MIH development (P=0.07). Conclusions: Physicians lacked knowledge about the MIH dental condition. Most study respondents did not know the potential association between MIH and frequent antibiotic intake during early childhood.
Molar incisor hypomineralization, knowledge, physicians, dentists, antibiotics, early childhood