Time-weighted state and output feedback control of power systems with mode assignment

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The application of state and output feedback Time-Weighted Linear Quadratic Regulator (TWLQR) control for the dynamic performance improvement of power systems is investigated in this thesis. For state and output feedback control, Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) and TWLQR strategies are tested on the linearised models of a single machine infinite bus power system (SMIB) with coordinated exciter-governor control as well as multi-machine power system (MMPS) with excitation control. The mode-assignment using TWLQR control design has been applied to SMIB model. The simulations have been performed while the system is subjected to small pulse disturbances either in system torque or at system reference voltage. The simulation results show that by using TWLQR control strategies, superior electromechanical mode dynamic responses of a power system can be obtained.