Simulation study using OPNET for a new class of network for real time applications

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Network connectivity measures the resiliency of a network and its ability to continue operation despite disabled components i.e. connectivity is the minimum number of nodes or links that must fail to partition the network into two or more disjoint networks. In this thesis we propose a new class of network called QUADRA Network, which provides higher network connectivity, fault tolerant, more suitable for Real time applications such as audio and video in terms of multicasting. Few properties of this network was derived. In this thesis we present the Routing impact on the proposed network compared to existing well-known networks and impact of multicasting from lower dimensions to higher dimensions with simulations in OPNET These new graphs are shown to be regular, having bisection width doubled as compared to well-known Hypercube Networks. Hence the Connectivity and Reliability of the QUADRA network has been increased by twice than that of the Hypercube Network. These networks have minimum propagation delay, good fault tolerant and suitable for multicasting applications for Real Time Applications.