Parental Involvement from the Perspective of Saudi Graduate Student Parents with Children in Elementary School in the U.S.

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Research shows that parental involvement in their children's education is related to positive student outcomes. Although there is a consensus among many researchers that parental involvement is beneficial to students' academic achievement and outcomes, there is disagreement over what constitutes parental involvement. The problem addressed in this study was many parents' perceptions of parental involvement are not well recognized. The purpose of the study was to investigate the perceptions of Saudi parents regarding parental involvement in the education of children. A mixed-method design was used to address these research questions: What are the perceptions and experiences of Saudi graduate student parents regarding parental involvement? According to parents, what is the definition of parental involvement/ how do parents describe and explain parental involvement? How are Saudi parents involved in their children's education? What do Saudi parents perceive to be the barriers or obstacles that can hinder their involvement? The findings of this study suggested a new conceptualization of parental involvement. The parent's perspective offers a unique perspective that is vastly different from what has been noted in the research literature. The parent's perspective suggested a broader scope of parental support than what occurs in the context of school.