Buckling Resistance of Single and Double Angle Compression Members

dc.contributor.advisorMagdi Mohareb
dc.contributor.authorAHMAD MFARREH MURID ALENEZI
dc.date.available2022-02-14 15:58:44
dc.description.abstractThe present dissertation contributes to advancing methods of determining the elastic and inelastic buckling resistance of compressive members with single angle and back-to-back double angle cross-sections with end conditions representative of those commonly used in steel construction. The first contribution develops an elastic buckling solution for members with asymmetric sections, such as unequal-leg angle members, connected to gusset plates at both ends and subjected to pure compression. In this case, the gusset plate connections at the member ends provide a fixity restraint to the member within the plane of the gusset and nearly a pin restraint in a plane normal to the gusset. Since both directions do not coincide with the principal directions of the member, the classical flexural-torsional buckling solutions provided in standards become inapplicable. In this context, a variational principle is formulated based on non-principal directions and then used to derive the governing differential equations and associated boundary conditions for the problem. The coupled equations are then solved analytically subject to the boundary conditions, and the characteristic equations are recovered and solved for the flexural-torsional buckling load of the member. The validity of the solutions derived is assessed against 3D shell elastic eigen-value buckling models based on ABAQUS for benchmark cases and the solution is shown to accurately predict the elastic buckling load and mode shapes. The effect of non-principal end restraints on the buckling load of compression members is then investigated for members with angle and zed cross-sections in a parametric study. It is observed that when a member end is fixed about a non-principal direction and pinned about the orthogonal direction, the flexural-torsional buckling load of the member is significantly influenced by the angle of inclination between the fixity axis and the minor principal axis. The second contribution aims to obtain the inelastic buckling resistance for single angle compression members with end gusset plate connections by taking into consideration the effects of material and geometric nonlinearity, initial out-of-straightness, residual stresses, and load eccentricity induced by the offset of the member centroidal axis from the end gusset plate connection. Towards this goal, a series of 3D shell models based on ABAQUS are developed and validated through comparisons against experimental results by others and then used to generate a database of compressive capacities for over 900 eccentrically loaded angle members with various geometrical dimensions and load eccentricities. The database is then used to investigate the effect of slenderness ratio, leg width ratio, connected leg width-to-thickness ratio and gusset plate-to-angle thickness ratio on the compressive resistance of the members, assess the accuracy of solutions available in present design standards, and develop improved design expressions for the compressive resistance for the members. The third contribution develops solutions for predicting the elastic buckling resistance of back-to-back double angle assemblies with end gusset plates and intermediate interconnectors subjected to compressive loads. Towards this goal, two novel models are developed. (1) A thin-walled finite element buckling solution is formulated and implemented into a MATLAB code. The formulation treats each angle member as a line of 1D thin-walled beam elements where then both angle members are connected at intermediate points along the span at the locations of interconnectors. The formulation is equipped with a multi-point constraint feature to enforce the kinematic constraints at the interconnector locations and at both extremities of the member. The model captures the tendency of both angles to open relative to one another in between interconnecto
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dc.titleBuckling Resistance of Single and Double Angle Compression Members
sdl.degree.departmentStructural Engineering
sdl.degree.grantorUniversity of Ottawa
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