Iris-Face Multimodal Biometric-Based Security

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When it comes to identification systems, biometrics has proven effective and reliable in improving their security. Because of its accuracy, security, wider user acceptability, and its inexpensive cost, the fingerprint is considered the leading modality. However, it presents some challenges, which have resulted in the use of other modalities such as face and iris. Unimodal biometric systems that make use of either of these modalities exist. Multimodal biometric systems that combine the two modalities also exist. However, the unimodal and multimodal systems that have been developed based on these two modalities are associated with some drawbacks, making them less reliable and less secure. In this thesis paper, a face-iris multimodal biometric-based security system is presented, which is more secure and reliable. After performing an experiment on each unimodal system and the resulting proposed multimodal system, it was realized that the proposed system exhibits a relatively high recognition rate, implying that it is more reliable. On the same note, it was found to be more secure since it accurately identified the genuine subjects considered.