Modelling Heat diffusivity

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Many nations are confronted with the issue of coal combustion during extraction and transportation, which is not desired. Self-heating is the main source of this problem. There- fore, it is essential to analyse this phenomenon in order to understand and control it. Not- ably, the study of heat-transfer behaviour is essential to comprehend self-heating. Thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity are essential thermal properties that in- fluence the heat transfer process. In particular, knowing the thermal diffusivity is essential to calculate the speed of heat propagation in an object. Additionally, knowing thermal dif- fusivity is the most important requirement for modelling many other temperature-related issues. Heat-transfer equations are essential for modelling heat measurements, and their struc- ture is determined by the geometry of the sample and the time period of heat transfer. The variables of these equations can be determined on the basis of the shape of the sample. In mathematical analysis, two essential parameters appear, the thermal diffusivity and the Biot number. To obtain precise measurements, it is necessary to calculate the Biot number as well as the thermal diffusivity values. Although the Biot number itself is not so funda- mental, it must be determined accurately to find the diffusivity. The aim of this thesis is to create a mathematical model for heat transfer in both cyl- indrical and cubic samples, as well as to investigate the techniques used to calculate the Biot number and thermal diffusivity. We develop a numerical solution for the heat transfer model to determine the Biot number and the thermal diffusivity from the measurements. Our research findings demonstrate that the matching method we developed is an effective approach for analysing heat measurement when compared to other methods. Furthermore, we examine the differences in the heat transfer model for cylinder and cube samples. xiii
Biot number, Thermal diffusivity, Modelling