A model for benchmarking contractors project management elements in Saudi Arabia

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The aim of this research is to develop a model to benchmark the organizational and working system of a construction contractor. This model will act as source of evaluation for new contractors, and assist the existing contractors to work on the areas of deficiencies. The current research was focused to benchmark the organizational aspects of the project management elements: Cost estimation, Planning & Scheduling, Quality control, and the Safety management departments of a contractor firm. The identified areas are benchmarked in two stages. Firstly through exhaustive review of relevant literature, successful organizational techniques being practiced by the industry leaders were scrutinized in a potential model. The organizational aspects emphasized here include: Key functions, Best location in the organization, Key personnel, Tools, Links with other departments, Manuals, Best Practices and other relevant aspects. Further, in the second stage the model is reinforced to increase the significance. This was accomplished through the administration of questionnaire, seeking expert opinions from qualified professionals in industry and academicians from relevant area. Twenty-one (21) professionals within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed their opinions. The expert opinions were incorporated in the potential model to generate the final output. Studies with similar objective have been recommended for all the elements associated with contractor firm, so that a comprehensive benchmark model can be developed.