Oil compressibility correlations

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This thesis presents empirical correlations for estimating gas pseudo-critical properties (pressure and temperature) and oil isothermal compressibility values at and below bubblepoint pressures. These gas pseudo-critical pressure and temperature correlations were derived as functions of gas relative density based on 145 sets of gas analysis, collected from Middle Est gses. The new oil isothermal compressibility correlation, was developed using 2635 data points from 372 gas differential liberation tests collected from the Middle Est and North American oil fields. This correlation was derived as a function of pressure, bubblepoint pressure, gas relative density, solution gas-oil ratio at bubblepoint conditions and reservoir temperature. The data covered a wide range of pressure, bubblepoint pressure, solution gas-oil ratio, gas and oil relative densities, reservoir temperature and oil compressibility. The newly developed correlation clearly out-performs the existing correlation even against selected ranges of pressure for oil compressibility correlations. Moreover, the new pseudo-critical properties correlations are more accurate than the existing correlations.