The Effect of Globalization on the Quality of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

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The purpose of this study was to find the influences of globalization on improving the quality of the higher education system in Saudi Arabia by determining the most important problems facing the higher education system in the country. This study sought to find the relationship between globalization and quality improvement of universities in Saudi Arabia by taking advantage of international experience and expertise. The research questions were: 1. How does globalization affect the development and quality of higher education in Saudi Arabia? 2. 2. How does the global economic system affect Saudi higher education policies in relation to the technical, social, and economic aspects? 3. 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in relation to higher education? The researcher employed the data collection methods of descriptive survey and in-depth interviews. The research site was one of the three public Universities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A total of 108 (44%) participants completed the descriptive survey online, 52 teaching staff, 35 students, and 21 administrators. The researcher conducted in-depth interviews with 11 teaching staff, 8 students, and 11 administrators to collect qualitative data. Findings note that globalization has provided a shift towards more digital learning and online course offering which provides a more customized approach to teaching. Globalization has also led to a more standardized global curriculum and an enhanced focus on developing improved teaching and communication methods. Students felt more confident as they learned more from online classes versus traditional classes including learning English and other skills. The majority of participants preferred digital learning over traditional face-to-face learning even though this was still considered the most effective method of learning in Saudi Arabia. A negative outcome was that Saudi Arabian higher learning institutions have lost some traditional cultural norms and values as a result of globalization. There is also still a disparity of educational equity in the country.