Improving Dental Antibiotic Stewardship Through Quality Improvement Process In A Regional Dental Hospital

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Antibiotic resistance is a global issue that continue to rise. Unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions in healthcare contribute to this issue to which antibiotic stewardship programs emerged to reduce the impact of this behaviour. This paper reviews the contribution dental prescribing involvement in this topic. It starts by reviewing the impact of antibiotic resistance, the prescription pattern of antibiotic dentistry, and the impact of antibiotics stewardship programmes. Then it aimed to improve dental antibiotic stewardship through quality improvement process in a Scottish health board. The methods follow a quality improvement model that involve collecting data regarding antibiotic prescription, analysis, and development of actions to be implemented to improve the intervention in place. This involves data collection of antibiotic prescription in a Scottish health board dental hospital over the period 2020-2023. The collected data involved the antibiotic name, issuing department, date, duration, dose and diagnosis for the prescribed antibiotic. Data of dental antibiotic prescription was also obtained from NHS covering Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The results showed a total of 1486 antibiotic were prescribed over the investigated period. The findings deprescribe a rise in an antibiotics prescription over the investigated period, and presents description of prescription pattern regrading date, dose, duration, diagnosis, and type of antibiotic. The main limitation was the lack of vital information that needed to be recorded for the proposes of investigating if the prescription was justifiable or not according to clinical guidelines in place. It concludes that the focus of the next quality improvement cycle should be directed towards action plans that aim to improve data completion rate, and staff training regarding the importance of documentation.
Antibiotic Stewardship, Quality Improvement, Dental Hospital
Alonazi, M. M. (2023). Improving Dental Antibiotic Stewardship Through Quality Improvement Process In A Regional Dental Hospital [Master's dissertation, University of Glasgow].