Positron Source conceptual design : generation and primary capture

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The research work carried out for this master’s internship is focused on the design of the positron sources used in High Energy Physics (HEP). Positron sources are essential to the future lepton collider projects (ILC, CLIC, FCC-ee, etc.) with challenging requirements of high-beam intensity and low emittance necessary to achieve high luminosity. After recalling the physics of positron production, basics of the positron capture and main layout of the positron sources in HEP, different schemes of positrons production proposed for the next generation colliders are described. The GEANT4 model is developed to study the positron generation. Eventually, the detailed simulations made for the Future Circular Collier (FCC-ee) positron source are presented. For these simulations two different production schemes were studied: conventional scheme and hybrid scheme based on the use of channeling radiation in the oriented crystals.