Simulation of RC Column Repair Techniques (Computational).

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Reinforced concrete columns are in general subjected to combination of loads. This can lead to damage to the structural elements. Therefore, a quick repair technique is often needed to effectively recover the actual strength and rigidity of severely damaged columns under combined bending and compression loads. This research is to improve the efficiency of repairing strategies by implementing advanced finite element techniques. By using FE modelling to simulate two repair techniques i) CFRP wrapping and ii) concrete jacketing and to identify the damage and the peak stress. The models indicate a fair improvement after the repair techniques were applied. The results demonstrate higher resistance in the CFRP model compared with the reference columns. While the Concrete Jacketing results show lower resistance than the benchmark lab experiment columns. Models show a good simulation of the cracks, but the deformation was not accurate. The use of the CFRP technique is more suitable to restore the column strength. It is recommended to use finite element analysis to assist engineers in making decisions regarding the selection of the appropriate repair method.
RC columns, ANSYS, repair technique, Model