How The Saudi Women Leaders In Politics are Influenced By 2030 Vision ?

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ABSTRACT This research work is aiming towards investigating that how the Saudi women leaders in politics are influenced by the Saudi vision 2030. In this regards, three research objectives are developed related to investigate the challenges faced by the women leaders in Saudi Arabia; to determine the position of women in politics and major industries in Saudi Arabia with regards to leadership theories; and to investigate the improvement of women rights in Saudi Arabia till the year 2030 with regards to the 2030 vision. These objectives are fulfilled by collecting and analysing the secondary data with regards to qualitative design. The methodological approaches are considered and employed after taking the research onion into account, which is widely used by the business practitioners. Additionally, Interpretivism research philosophy, inductive research approach, mono-method, qualitative design, secondary data and thematic analysis are employed as methodological approaches. The findings are demonstrating the fact that Saudi Arabia has seen a great improvement in the past years with regards to 2030 vision but there are numerous challenges faced by the women leaders in different fields specifically politics such as gender discriminations, cultural taboos and more. A suitable conclusion is also drawn on the basis of carried out findings as well as relevant recommendations are provided in association with the limitation of this study and implication for future research.