Applied Business Project

dc.contributor.advisorDr.Jeffrey Williams Jones
dc.contributor.authorMOHAMMAD MURDI ALSHAMMARI
dc.date2021 17:39:41
dc.description.abstractIntroduction The online reservation system for the restaurants (salt, parkers, somewhere) of the same owner will be established to support customers to discover real time menus, table availability, bookings and payment of bills using the app. The app will be operational in all over the UK. Various restaurants at UK having branches in all cities will be available on the app. The company will charge a 10% commission from the restaurants and a fixed nominal fee as well. Making a digital app for the restaurant and the idea of online mobile application which would be imminent of food business is core objective subsequently the other purpose of the study is to create a viable business plan and enterprise a facility for online restaurant application by which we can help the restaurants to grow their business and customers to order from any of these restaurants while sitting at home, at office or anywhere (Butler, 2007). The online app system will be owned and managed by the application company and the IT department of the restaurants. The online app will take benefit of the Internet’s facility to establish and join the split market of restaurants. It is easy to use an app with a wide range of features. It will include location-based search and user created reviews to select the best option.
dc.publisherSaudi Digital Library
dc.titleApplied Business Project
dc.typeThesis MANAEGMENT University
sdl.thesis.sourceSACM - United Kingdom