Domestic Workers' Rights in Saudi Arabia

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The absence of domestic workers’ rights is a worldwide issue. Despite the efforts made to help domestic workers obtain their rights, many of them still suffer from deprivation of their rights. The purpose of this study is to measure the extent of employers’ awareness of domestic workers’ rights and their application in Saudi Arabia. In this study a quantitative research was conducted through questionnaire form. The questionnaire Included the participants’ demographic information and 32 statements that measure the employers’ awareness of domestic workers’ rights and their application. The results of this study showed that employers in general are aware of domestic workers’ rights and keen to implement them. However, there is still a need to raise the awareness of domestic workers’ rights. Finally, some methods that may contribute to solve the domestic workers’ rights problem have been suggested. All in all, the results of this research could form an addition to the regulation of the domestic workers’ in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Labour and Social Development could use these suggested improvements to enhance the situation of domestic workers’ rights.