Managing complex projects to meet a fixed completion date

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City University of London
Complex project management, also referred to as CPM, is an important field that draws from a range of academic disciplines to meet the ever-increasing complexities of projects in the fast-paced business environments of the modern period. Complex project management is also commonly known as CPM. This dissertation offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of CPM as well as an examination of its many complexities. It follows the evolution of the methodology from more linear methods, such as the waterfall approach, to more flexible strategies that are better suited for the management of complex projects. The study focuses on the myriad of factors that contribute to what is referred to as the "complexity" of a project. To be more explicit, it explores the disparities that exist between sociopolitical difficulties, structural complexities, and uncertainties. This analysis, which can be obtained here, sheds light on the challenges faced by these constituents and can be accessed here. By conducting an investigation of prospective solutions such as systems thinking and agile methodologies, this study highlights the significance of adaptability and taking a holistic point of view. This research highlights the significance of risk management and argues that it is a vital part of CPM. In addition, this research emphasizes the significance of risk management. It recognizes the complex nature of risk management and lays an emphasis on the necessity of utilizing sophisticated analytic techniques. At the conclusion of the dissertation, there will be an investigation into the management of complicated projects within the constraints of given amounts of time, as well as an evaluation of traditional measures and a presentation of potential improvements. This dissertation makes an attempt to include historical, practical, and prospective points of view in order to provide academics and professionals working in the area of complex project management with a comprehensive understanding, innovative solutions, and a way forward for the next study.
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