Sorbonne University as an Urban Space: A Study of its Impact on Shaping Paris as a Global City

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This study investigates the role of Sorbonne University as an urban space and its contribution to shaping Paris as a global city. It focuses on the university's role in establishing Paris as an international centre for education and research, its allure for intellectuals from the MENA region during the 20th century, and how this prominence contributed to its global dimension. This dissertation also delves into how the Sorbonne has adapted to shifts in the global education landscape. The study reveals that the Sorbonne played a pivotal role in transforming Paris into an international hub for education and research. With its dynamic educational programs, robust research initiatives, industry partnerships, and supportive environment, the university fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, benefiting Paris and beyond. The Sorbonne significantly influenced Paris's cultural history by attracting Arab intellectuals who were at the forefront of Arab nationalism and political ideologies. This dissertation demonstrates how the Sorbonne has responded to global education trends, seamlessly integrating technology, interdisciplinary methodologies, and cultural awareness to prepare students for the contemporary world. Beyond showcasing how universities can drive multifaceted growth in cities, this study emphasizes their transformative potential in Moulding graduates into change agents and problem solvers in their respective societies. Word count: 15837 Declaration: I hereby declare that the following work is my own and that any material taken from other sources has been properly referenced.