The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Increasing Effectiveness and Innovation on Public Sector Employees in Saudi Arabia

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The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of transformational leadership in increasing effectiveness and innovation. The study also aims to provide a better understanding on the means by which transformational leadership style help organisations increase their level of effectiveness and maintain an innovation-focused environment. This research contributes to the existing literature by showing how innovation helps in communicating the best business practices and maintaining a significant organisational growth and development. Along these lines, it is important to highlight that the transformational leader aims to support, motivate and encourage the employees, which eventually help organisations to effectively undertake their practices. The overall review of the previous literature as well as the research data have proven that the transformational leaders are playing a critical role in leading the business practices in the best possible way. One of the biggest contributions of the transformational leader is seen in its role in increasing employees’ engagement, which allows all departments to focus on innovation and, eventually, increases the organisational level of effectiveness. The role the TL in supporting employees, developing teams, increasing morale, boosting productivity helps organisation to increase the effectiveness level. TL consequently establishes a harmony and a consistency between the needs of the people and the organisation, which is also a critical aspect to be highlighted in the favour of the TL. TL has a high influence on the development and transformation of organisations, individuals, people, and work groups. It eventually increases the amount of quality, performance, and efficiency in the the different working conditions. It all shows that the leadership plays a dominate and a noteworthy role in accomplishing organisational success. Indeed, TL tends to increase subordinates’ level of involvement.