The Impact of Organisational Cultures on Supply Chain Performance: A Systematic Review

dc.contributor.advisorDr. Thanos Goltsos
dc.contributor.authorNOURA SAUD MARZOUQ ALOTAIBI
dc.date2021 13:32:28
dc.description.abstractThe cultural differences and similarities between supply chain partners can act as an enabler or barrier for achieving superior performance outcomes, especially in relation to strategic partnerships. This search deploys a systematic review method in order to review the current literature on organisational cultures in supply chain contexts. The aim is to explore the influence of organisational cultures on supply chain relationships and performance outcomes. The selected papers were categorised and analysed based on three focus areas: organisational cultures and supply chain performance; organisational cultures and supply chain relationships management, organisational culture, and buyer supplier relationships; and, supply chain performance. The analysis of the literature demonstrates that cultural fit is not simply about congruence in organisational cultures between supply chain partners, but rather how these similar values, beliefs, and business practices can help to achieve high supply chain performance. Based on the review, a conceptual framework is provided in order to demonstrate the relationship between organisational cultures, supply chain relationships, and performance outcomes.
dc.publisherSaudi Digital Library
dc.titleThe Impact of Organisational Cultures on Supply Chain Performance: A Systematic Review
dc.typeThesis and Operations Management Business School
sdl.thesis.sourceSACM - United Kingdom