Investigating asthma aetiology and remedies in Saudi Arabia and the UK: Assessing the impact of indoor air pollution and healthcare expertise on prescription expenses, within the realm of public health

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University of Strathclyde
The thesis culminates with a set of references and appendices that supplement the research. The references section provides a comprehensive list of all the sources cited throughout the thesis, ensuring that the research is grounded in existing literature and scientific evidence. The appendices section includes supplementary materials that support the research findings, such as data tables, questionnaires, and additional analyses. In summary, this thesis offers a holistic and nuanced examination of asthma, a condition that affects millions worldwide. By analyzing various factors such as indoor air pollution, healthcare practices, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the research provides valuable insights into the management and treatment of asthma. The comparative analysis between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom offers a unique perspective on the global and regional dimensions of asthma, making this thesis a significant contribution to the field of public health
asthma, indoor air pollution, knowledge, attitude, practices, primary health care practitioners