Saudi Women Role in Development of the Society

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In this research, we showed and clarified the role of Saudi women in development and to demonstrate the role played by Saudi women and the status of the effectiveness of society, although it was delayed for several different reasons, including social, cultural and economic. We explained the importance and prestige that Islam gave to women and statements in the Quran and in Sunnah agree on the importance of the work and effectiveness of women in society. Also the role of women in society is affected by the customs, traditions and interpretations of the values and traditions of society. Historically, in the beginning of the formation of the first and second Saudi states, the education of women did not play a large role except for primitive education in such matters as religion, reading and writing on a small level and due to reasons including the development of a growing, busy state. But in the Third Saudi State by King Abdulaziz bin Saud and later his sons, women's education was clear goal that set up infrastructures to make decisions in their right to education and learning. The golden age of women was in the reign of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Their decisions in favor of women and opening foreign studies, has in a strong development on the academic level. In the last chapter, we did interviews with Saudi women through the Internet, we chose these women based on their struggles, the difficulties they have overcome and their service to their community in their respective fields.
Development: the act to developing or the process of being developed to begin to be seen or become active a change occurring in a place at the social, cultural and economic sectors. Role: the duty or purpose of a person or group in a particular activity or area of life. the attitude expected from a person or group which occurs in a certain place. Social Difficulties: the fact or condition of being difficult of living in a companionship to others. the issues that a person or group face and develops them, it may be social, economic, or even cultural, it may be changed by the change of the society, and it corrects the culture of the society and develops it.
Social Difficulties:, Role, Development