Exploring Female Students’ Perspectives on Using iPads for Educational Purposes in Riyad.

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The present study aims to explore 13- to 15-year-old female students’ perspectives on using iPads for educational purposes in a secondary school in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To do this, this study followed the qualitative approach, using semi-structured interviews. The study sample composed of 12 female middle school students from a public school in Riyadh. The sample was chosen purposefully because of the school's use of computers in its educational programme. The participants were able to express their perspectives about using iPads for educational purposes based on their experience of using them for school activities. The results of this study revealed that the female participants’ perspectives on using the iPad were somewhat negative, with the participants mentioning that using the iPad for educational purposes may cause them to waste a lot of time and they admitted that they are subjected to pressure and injustice because of the use of the iPad. Nevertheless, the participants pointed out the benefits of the iPad in the learning process when using it for various academic subjects, as well as the contribution of the iPad to improving and facilitating communication between teachers and students. Based on the findings, the study recommends supporting iPad use for educational purposes by creating a strong Internet infrastructure in schools, as well as reforming and improving the Future Gate website to improve education activities that rely on it. Furthermore, it recommends activating workshops and training courses to increase students' ability to take advantage of the benefits provided by the iPad, as well as improve their perspectives on using the device. Finally, the study recommends providing training courses and workshops for teachers on how to support students when using iPads for different educational purposes, because it has been found that the teacher plays an effective role in improving students' attitudes and perspectives to using iPads.