Disordered Eating Behaviour in People with Type1 Diabetes: Systemic review and meta-analysis

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: this paper has reported a systematic review to identify (1) the prevalence of disorder eating behaviour (DEB) in comparison with peers and, (2) the association of disorder eating behaviour (DEB) with glycaemic control in people with type 1 diabetes. : a systemic review and meta-analysis have been conducted via an electronic database for the studies that meet the inclusion criteria. Using 7 published studies to find out the Relative Risk or Risk Ratio (RR) of prevalence of DEB in T1DM compared to healthy peers. Cohen’s d was calculated for 3 published studies to determine the impact of DEB on glycaemic control (HbA1c). Disorder eating behaviour is more common in both sex and late adolescent age ranges for T1DM patients when compared with non-diabetic individuals. Also, poorer glycaemic control is associated with DEB in T1DM. Future research should therefore concentrate on improving routine screening and measurement to enable early detection and intervention of this condition.