Finance Dissertation

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dc.description.abstractDividend Policy In the financial field, one of the important decisions for the firms is the dividend policy (Murniati et al., 2019). The rules which the firms will follow in order to pay their profits to the shareholders is known as the dividend policy (Priya & Mohanasundari, 2016). This article will focus on three topics which are in the dividend policy area. The first topic will be explaining how the dividend will affect the value of the firms. The second issue which the article will focus on is illustrating the merits of dividend-based investment strategies in international equity markets. While the final topic will be about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on corporate dividend payouts and the associated implications for international equity investors. The article will use literature reviews and past studies in order to explain the three topics. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Potential Restrictions on Immigration to The Finland There are both advantages and disadvantage for the person who wants to immigrant to Finland to do businesses or to work in one of the Finland’s firms. The article focusses on just the four essential advantages and disadvantages which the migrants may face in Finland. The article has been divided in two parts. The first part in the article have explained the advantages of potential restrictions on immigration to the Finland. In the article, the first advantage for the migrants in Finland is that they will have the special chances in the Finland's markets while the natives will not have the same chances. The second advantage which the article missioned is that the migrants in Finland have the ability to use their global knowledge in the Finland’s businesses. The third important advantage for the migrants is that they have the benefits of using the social ties in the Finland’s businesses. The fourth advantage which the article focused on is how it is easy for the migrants to establish firm in the Finland. On the other hand, the second part is about the disadvantages which the migrants in Finland may have. There are four significant disadvantages which the people who immigrant to Finland may face. The first disadvantages for them is that they will not be familiar with the Finland’s rules, and also, they may have less of sources in the Finland comparing with the natives. The second essential disadvantage which the migrants in Finland may face is that the discrimination from the owner of the Finland’s firms. The third disadvantage which have mentioned in the article is that usually, the processes of issuance the business’ visa will take a long time. Finally, the fourth disadvantage for the migrants in Finland is that it is not easy for migrants in Finland to obtain the financial facilities from the Finland’s government. Issues in Financial Stability One of the significant targets for the governments which they have tried to achieve in their economies system is the financial stability (Crockett, 2000). There are many agreements which the governments entered in order to have the financial stability. This report will attempt to explain the three important topics which are related to the issues in the financial stability. The report will focus on the literature reviews and past studies which are related to those three topics. In the first topic, the report will try to illustrate how the negative interest rate will affect on the banks’ performance and financial stability based on the past studies. After that, the report will explain the competitive threats and opportunities of Big Tech firms and Fintech companies for banking intermediaries and the implications for financial stability. While the final significant topic in the report will be about the largest event nowadays which is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the report will focus on the effects which are considered to be significant of the Covid
dc.titleFinance Dissertation
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