Can neutrophil microvesicles influence the phenotype of monocytes

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Atherosclerosis is a common form of cardiovascular disease (CVD) that is considered a major cause of motility and morbidity in Western countries. Atherosclerosis is caused due to several stages begin with accumulation of lipoproteins in the sub-intima of arterial walls and finish in most cases with death, due to struck or myocardial infarction. However, it has been reported that, NMVs are contributed to atherosclerosis as cellular communication particles. Monocytes also play a major role in atherosclerosis, requited to the site of inflammation and perform the foam cells. In this project, NMVs were produced by modified LDL from neutrophils and the monocytes were stimulated with NMVs to investigate the alteration of these NMVs on monocytes. our findings have illustrated that, NMVs induce the production of proinflammatory protein IL-6. Moreover, NMVs were confirmed inside monocytes using confocal microscope. Finally, stimulated monocytes were analysed for their cell surface receptor expression for CD11b and CCR2. However, our results haven’t represented any significant changes in these cell surface receptors after stimulation of monocytes with NMVs. Despite these findings more investigation is required to the comprehensive overview of NMVs alterations on monocytes.