A retrieval and display system for the holy Quran.

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Saudi Digital Library
Since the shine of Islam, Muslims have been taking care of their Holy Book, the Quran. Today, as we live in the computer and information age, a computerized system for the Holy Quran is very useful. This system can be utilized in education, research concerned with the Holy Quran, and personal use. The main objective of this research is to develop a retrieval and display system for the Holy Quran. The system displays and prints the Holy Quran text using Al-Rasm Al-Othmani style. It provides a multi-index search for a Sora, Aiah, Hezb, Juz, word or phrase. In addition, it analyzes any specific Aiah for Tajweed rules. It is a modular and flexible system, i.e., efficient for additions and modifications. Furthermore, it is menu-driven and fully Arabic. The system is implemented on the IBM Personal Computers (PC) and the compatibles which are the most popular machines.