What role can social media support groups play in smoking cessation?

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Smoking cessation is an area of interest in medical academia and has attracted the attention of people in the field who wish to find strategies that provide patients with the support they need, thus improving long term cessation rates and the general health of former smokers. There are few studies have been conducted in this certain area in relation to smoking cessation. Thus, this study sought to achieve the primary aim of explaining the role of social media to affect upon smoking cessation, attracting the interest of those who have quit smoking and raising awareness of a readily accessible support network. In order to achieve this aim, a comprehensive search strategy was performed, drawing upon a series of keywords within the library database and Google Scholar. Using secondary method, the comparative analysis of ten studies conducted between 2010 and 2018 concluded that social media was a significant source of support for people seeking to cease smoking. In addition, it abstained from the practice over an extended period of time because it facilitated peer discussion and support from those with common experiences in easily accessible groups. However, there is a need to examine the still very little analysis on the influence of social media support groups due to the little studies have been done in the subject of smoking cessation.