The Impact of the Lockdown and the Corona virus Covid-19 on Burglary and Violent and Sexual Offences Crimes Using GIS

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This study analyses burglary, violence and sexual offences, split in two time periods from 2015 to 2019 and 2020, April and may. It compares the impact of the global pandemic (Coronavirus or COVID-19) on the distribution, concentration and dispersion of crimes using geographic information systems, and with several models such as hotspots or the Crime Concentration Law modelling. This model identifies geographical areas of crime based on the concentration of crimes and identifies the sites of emerging crimes that has a dangerous potential to become a crime hotspot in the future. It studies the locations in which the crimes decreased, and how the police or the local authority may have influenced that. In addition to the relationship of geo-demographic variables, it also looks into whether there is a relationship in the distribution and dispersion of crimes, before and after the lockdown. The study also includes literary relationships and references focussing on the students from Leeds, and their encounters with burglary. The study also investigates the concept of areas of deprivation and Geo-demographic factors, to study the concentration of crimes