Autonomous mobile robot

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This paper focuses on the study of autonomous vehicles and evaluating the techniques behind selfdriving vehicles. Description of the components used is clearly defined and what they are used for to achieve self-driving vehicles. As robot and technology have been evolving rapidly and advancing it is time to consider to make robots handle sensitive task such as driving as this will eliminate errors. The use of Raspberry pi 4b+ as the brain of the robot made it possible to perform lane detection, self driving and object avoidance. With open source libraries such as OpenCV it was possible to detect object and human to mimic real life scenario. Key words: Autonomous Vehicles, Raspberry Pi, Computer Vision, Obstacle Avoidance, Lane detection
it is based on the single board computer raspberry pi 4b which will be used to build an autonomous mobile robot that will be able to detect lanes to follow, humans and cats to avoid, and scan the area using lidar.
autonomous robots, Obstacle avoidance, Lane detection, human and animal recognition