Design of a Ka-Band Inflatable Reflector Antenna fed by SIW Array

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Small satellites generally become popular in the last decade and the antenna is one of the major components of the structure. Because of the low mass and limitation of the space environment the inflatable antennas technology takes this kind of satellites the target of their use. This paper will show the design of inflatable antennas from using the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) antenna as a feeder for this deployable antenna then designing and shaping the reflector to present, as a result, a pencil beam radiation pattern. Putting SIW as a feeder will strengthen this antenna in term of the low mass and cost. Moreover, this paper will show the simulation of every stage starting from the reflector part then, the feeder as a slotted waveguide antenna to simulate this antenna with the reflector. In addition, the phases of changing the feed from waveguide to SIW antenna. The final stage of simulation will be integration the SIW antenna and the shaped elliptical reflector as an inflatable antenna. Then, fabricate it and measure it.