The adoption of technologies in Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund in propelling its attainment of Vision 2030 goals

dc.contributor.advisorDr Zhong Chen
dc.date2021 16:15:43
dc.description.abstractThis research investigates the role of artificial intelligence (Al) and digital technologies (DTs) in the Public Investment Fund's (PIF) Vision Realisation Programme (VRP) and their impact on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's progress toward achieving its Vision 2030 strategy. The study employs sentiment, empirical, and semi-empirical analyses to examine the adoption of Al and DTs in the PIF's portfolio companies before and after the inception of Vision 2030. Sentiment analysis is utilised to textually analyse the profiles of PIF's portfolio companies in both periods. Empirical analysis reveals a statistically significant difference in the adoption of Al and DT terminologies. Where empirical evidence was implausible to obtain due to data limitations, semi-empirical analysis is employed, yielding results consistent with the study's hypothesis. This paper extends its focus to the macroeconomic level, demonstrating a positive impact of Al and DTs on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's macroeconomic indicators. Notably, the study challenges existing literature by revealing that Al adoption does not negatively affect employment, providing a novel insight on the relationship between Al and the labour force. This departure from previous literature emphasises the need for further exploration of Al's implications on employment. This study's key findings align with existing literature on sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), affirming that integrating Al and DTs enhances investment outcomes. While existing literature employs qualitative assessments, this research fills a substantial gap by offering a country-specific empirical analysis of the impact of the PIF on the country's macroeconomy. The study provides structured analyses, contributing in-depth knowledge on various aspects of broader debates on Al and DT adoption. The inclusive conceptual framework presented in this research suggests avenues for future research and diverse applications across countries.
dc.publisherSaudi Digital Library
dc.titleThe adoption of technologies in Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund in propelling its attainment of Vision 2030 goals
dc.typeThesis Accounting, Accountability and Financial Management's College London, King's College Business School
sdl.thesis.sourceSACM - United Kingdom