A Systematic Review of the Role of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Sustainable Supply Chain

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In recent years, the sustainable supply chain (SSC) has gained considerable global attention due to its incorporation of sustainability dimensions into its processes. Recent advancements in technologies have presented solutions to various issues associated with supply chain networks (SC). While the role of various technologies like blockchain, IoT, and Industry 4.0 in sustainable supply chains (SSCs) is well- established in the literature, there has been a lack of research on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its sub-fields in establishing SSCs. To address this gap, this paper pursues the following objectives: (1) To conduct a systematic review of the role of Artificial Intelligence technology in sustainable supply chains. For this, a total of 55 articles were searched using a set of keywords in the Scopus database in all research fields published in 45 peer-reviewed academic journals from 2010 to 2022. These papers were filtered using the title abstract keywords principle. (2) To document the association of AI technology with the social, and environmental aspects of the supply chain. (3) To highlight the AI deployments that could contribute to the enhancement of SSCs. (4) To draw attention to the gap in the literature and identify promising areas for future study. (5) To create a conceptual framework for the role of AI technology in SSC.            This research is valuable for academic scholars and industry practitioners seeking insights into the role of AI in SSCs, as it is the first paper to comprehensively present all AI types in SSC. The study demonstrates that AI technology has the capacity to enhance supply chain sustainability, and it foresees a growing popularity of AI in supply chain management. By laying a strong foundation for understanding the role of AI technology in advancing sustainability, the results offer recommendations for future research directions to address the identified gaps in the literature. This study presents a research framework that integrates AI- based techniques with conventional supply chain practices to address supply chain challenges effectively. The framework outlines the incorporation of AI-enabled operations alongside operations that do not rely on AI to achieve sustainability within the supply chain. The developed framework could help researchers and professionals who want to create SSC models using AI methods
Artificial intelligence, Social, Environment, Sustainable supply chain