New Low-cost and Adjustable Transfemoral Socket Design

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Developing countries have the greatest demand for prosthetic care, yet it is inaccessible to most. One of the many reasons for this is the current socket manufacturing methods, which take weeks to complete using specialized equipment. This project proposes a new manufacturing method, carried out using hand tools which allows a prosthesis to be assembled within hours. It is a novel design and has gone through an iterative process for improvement. Two prototypes were completed, and each model was measured against a set of requirements: adjustability, cosmetics, ease of manufacture, control, and strength. Mechanical tests have indicated that the current design lacks sufficient grip between the socket-limb interface and structural strength. Improvements have been made in both aspects from the first model to the next, and further improvements are expected given additional research. Adjustability and ease of manufacture were achieved. Limiting the complexity of manufacturing reduces the cost of time and tools in comparison to the current industry standard. The eventual end goal is to provide mobile socket manufacturing facilities, with kits presenting all required components for the socket. The work presented has significant potential to provide affordable, high-quality prostheses in developing countries