The Challenge of English Idioms in Literature: Examination of the Translation of Idioms in Modern Novels, Using t

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The current study investigated the challenge of English idioms in literature by examining the translation of idioms in modern novels, using the works of Amy Tan. Also, while analysing novels translated by works of Amy Ruth Tan, the researcher explored other literature translated from English into Arabic and other languages to get a clear comparison. Translation of idiomatic expressions is a process that has been challenging because of different factors. Some of these factors hindering successful translation include, lexical difficulties, stylistic difficulties, grammatical difficulties, as well as cultural difficulties. Idioms, idiomatic expressions and figures of speech are evident in all the languages across the world. More so, the study indicated that translating idiomatic expressions with culturally-bound aspects has been a challenge for many translators. The findings of this study show that idiom translators employ different strategies that depend on the context to which certain words are used. However, these idioms differ from one language to another due to social (geographical differences), cultural, (customs, beliefs, religions and values etc.) linguistic (semantics and aesthetics) and other non-linguistic factors. These idioms are also similar in particular languages or can be explained using a series of phrases during the process of translation into the target language to provide the best suiting description of a context, situation or event. The translation from one language into another is problematic with various challenges stemming both from the linguistic nature of the languages involved as well as the behaviour of the speakers both native and non-native which influences the quality of the interpretation. Despite the compressive findings presented, the scope of this study was limited. The researcher focused only on literature translated from English into Arabic. Nonetheless, the current study was successful as the researcher managed to investigate and report several challenges and most frequently used strategies in translating idioms from one language into another.