Parent-school partnership in primary education in Saudi Arabia: perspectives of mothers of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

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The purpose of this study was to explore mothers’ perspectives on parent-school partnership in mainstream primary education, specifically in relation to supporting children with SEND in Saudi Arabia. A qualitative research approach was used, consisting of semi-structured interviews of seven mothers of children with SEND. The interviews were designed to obtain their in-depth experiences and perceptions of parent-school partnership. The findings of this study revealed that mothers of children with SEND have both positive and negative experiences and attitudes regarding parent-school partnership; however, most of the mothers had negative attitudes and experiences of parent-school partnership due to the challenges they faced. Most of the mothers suffered from a lack of communication and interaction with the school that impeded their ability to help their children achieve a high level of academic success. All of the mothers agreed that effective parent-school partnerships contribute to their children’s academic and social achievement. This study concludes with some recommendations to encourage and improve parent-school partnerships in Saudi Arabia.