Life Cycle Assessment of LNG as Ship Fuel: The Viability Analysis through Supply Chain Perspectives

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This thesis comprehensively explores the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a ship fuel, examining its viability from a supply chain perspective. Starting with a detailed background and motivation, the proposal elucidates the environmental implications of the global maritime sector and the potential role of LNG as a viable alternative. The proposal then clearly defines the research aims and specific objectives, setting the stage for robustly examining LNG use as a ship fuel. A Gantt chart provides a clear timeline for the project, mapping out tasks, dependencies, and milestones, ensuring effective project management. The methodology section describes the planned research techniques and justifies their relevance to the research questions. In summary, the proposal offers a well-articulated plan for studying the LCA of LNG as a ship fuel, underlining its significance in advancing ocean viability and the strategic approach for executing the research.
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas, LCA Life Cycle Assessment, ship fuel, supply chain, maritime sector