What is the effect of school-based physical activity on academic performance among adolescents at school

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Many studies showed that physical activity has a positive effect on adolescents, including their physical, mental, and social health. This included physical fitness, increased muscular endurance, less risk of depression and stress, social relationships. Although physical activity has many benefits, many schools, parents, and students themselves underestimate its importance. For example, parents may think that physical activity classes are a waste of time. However, some studies showed that physical activity has a positive effect on academic performance. If parents, teachers, students, and policymakers realize the positive effect of physical education and physical activity on academic performance, this may encourage them to prioritize it. It may also increase intrinsic motivation towards PE classes among students, which in turn may increase their intention to maintain physical activity in the long term. This review aims to determine whether school-based physical activity can improve academic performance.