Assessing the Properties of 7075 Aluminium Alloy Produced by Thixoforming and Rolling Methodologies

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Al 7075 alloy is a high strength aluminium alloy that has been widely used in a variety of structural engineering applications. This alloy can be manufactured by conventional metal forming processing methods such as rolling or forging, or by novel metal forming methods such as thixoforming. The latter has shown substantial commercial advantages over conventional methods in terms of reducing macro-segregation and defects within the material through its unique non-dendritic/globular microstructure that has a significant impact on the mechanical properties of products. This project primarily focuses on covering the main aspects of the Semi-Solid Metal Processing routes (SSM). Three key publications in the research of SSM are critically analysed and evaluated, providing constructive criticism and suggestions to these papers from using numerical modelling to the adjustment of the chemical composition of aluminium alloys. The expanded literature of the interim report covers not only novel metal variants of this forming technology, but also the 7xxx aluminium alloy series and the testing of mechanical properties. The last activity of this project is a potentially publishable review about the developed techniques of preparing feedstock for SSM of alloys and composites. This includes a comprehensive literature to the studies that have been carried out, providing the mechanism of each technique on how semi-solid slurry can be prepared and used for further processing to enhance the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys, a crucial step for the aerospace and automotive industries.