To understand the Impact on the Level of Employee Motivation due to the Increasing Trend of Job Cuts and Layoffs in the Retail Sector: A Case Study of A Saudi Retail Enterprise.

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This is study is based on the title “To understand the impact on the level of employee motivation due to the increasing trend of job cuts and layoffs in the retail sector: A case study of a Saudi retail enterprise”. Job cuts and lay off are the major concerns in today’s competitive market environment. Employers are more focused towards bringing new talent in the organisation which may results into layoff of existing employees form the employment. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the reasons of demotivation among employees in retailing sector and discuss the methods by which a retail enterprise will raise its employee's motivation. However, there are different methods by which an organisation can motivate its employees. By providing employees with reward and recognition, proper training and development programmes etc. employee motivation can be enhancing. Moreover, different research methods assist in performing the study systematically and accomplish the main aim of study.